Instaminder: instant reminders from screenshot and widgets

Instaminder combines machine learning and computer vision to analyze any content shared with the app to create a reminder.


🦥 Creating a reminder using the iOS Reminders app is veeery slow. 6 or more taps to create a reminder with a due date, that is too much. Instaminder is fast. You can create a reminder with a due date with just a few taps. 📸 On iOS, it is not possible to snooze notifications. With Instaminder you can screenshot them to create a custom reminder. 🌀 You can find the reminders created with Instaminder in the Reminders app, so you can have them on all of your Apple devices.


🌗 Clean UI and

Instaminder UI is 100% native and designed to perfectly blend into iOS.

AI + computer vision = ❤️

Share any content (screenshot / picture / text) with Instaminder to create a reminder.

📱 Widgets

You can create a reminder with a due date directly from your home or lock screen.

🔐 Privacy by design

Instaminder works completely offline. And the reminders are stored in the  Reminders app.